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Garlic Butter Shrimp and Rice

30 Minute Meals
78 Responses
  1. Brenda J Thacker

    Thank you! This was exactly the kind of recipe I was looking for. On a side-note-I keep my rice in baggies. I buy in 20-pound bags because rice keeps a loooong time. Then I measure it out in four cup amounts because that’s always how much I make at a time (I use two cups cooked for my recipes and freeze the rest of the cooked rice in two cup batches. It’s just me and I love leftovers. They mean I don’t have to cook that day)). I can unfreeze a baggie of rice and it’s better than the par-boiled quick rice you get in boxes, always there and no bugs because you know, baggies 🙂
    (I always wanted a thigh master, lol)

  2. Julie

    Easy cheat for those of us that live near a Wegmans: use their Garlic Parmesan Finishing butter in lieu of the garlic/butter. Adds just as much if not more flavor to the recipe. This recipes also doubles easily (I have 2 soon-to-be-teen boys) so I’ve already adjusted for the soon-to-be bottomless pits :).

  3. Jess D

    Hi! My husband and I just made this recipe together for dinner tonight. It turned out amazing! I love shrimp. My husband is not a huge shrimp guy. He might eat it once or twice a year. He devoured this!!! He said the texture and flavor really made this dish enjoyable and I agree. We saved the recipe and will be making it again! Thank you!!

    1. Hi!
      Yep, absolutely. At the time this recipe was written, I had tons of readers writing in asking me what to do with their bags of cooked frozen shrimp, and that is how this recipe ended up on here. 😀 Even though it only takes 2 minutes to cook the shrimp, people seem to be afraid of the little grayish creatures. 🙂

      1. Jami

        Hello I am curious. Anytime I make rice as a side dish I always cook 2 cups of should I double all the other ingredients?

  4. Julie

    Seriously Delicious!! I made this tonight with basmati rice, it was a hit and will be adding it to my meal plan. Thank you!!

  5. Elizabeth Kaufmann

    Can you tell me what the total carbs are for this dish? I’m diabetic and count carbs in regard to my insulin dosage.

  6. Elizabeth

    Thanks for the great recipe, I only used 2 TBLS of butter with a bit of olive oil..just to make it healthier. It would also be great with chicken.

  7. Haley

    This was amazing, like a risotto! I had everything on hand, added fresh cilantro and some mozzarella in as well. Might double the next time!

  8. Ola

    This was delicious! I was looking for something quick to make for my husband, and this was amazing! All the ingredients he loves in one! Thank you!

  9. Robin

    Hi, Katerina! I made it adding the following: steamed sushi rice and broccoli and spinach. It went down tastefully! Thank you for this wonderful recipe.

  10. Shey

    Hi, do you think I could make thisusing just a little grated parmesan instead of shredded? I’d like to use what I already have on hand. Thanks!

  11. Laura

    Delicious!! and very easy and quick. This is definitely going to be a go-to staple from now on. Thank you so much for sharing!

  12. Cheryl

    I just found your blog via Pinterest and will be making this recipe this week! By the way, I am so relieved to know that there’s someone else out there who freaks out about bugs getting into their food packages through the tiniest of openings. And of course they will lay eggs and we will eat them and die! LOL! Anyway, thanks for a great recipe!

  13. This looks amazkng! I am soooo making it today! On the ingredient list you said 2 tbs fresh cilantro but in the instructions you said to garnish with fresh parsley. Could you specify which one we should use?

    1. Hi John!! I should have someone proofread my recipes before I hit the “live button” … SO sorry about that! What I meant to say is, if you like cilantro, use that, if not, use parsley. I myself can’t stand cilantro. 😀 Hope that helps! Have a great weekend!

      1. Cass McGeiger

        Thank the Gods! I thought I was the only person on the planet that loathes cilantro! It tastes like getting my mouth washed out with soap!

    1. Hi Kaelin! You will have to cook the chicken a lot longer than you would cook shrimp. To make it quicker, chop up the chicken into cubes, cook it as per the directions for the shrimp, and once the chicken is cooked through, add the rice into the pan; add cheese, milk, parsley, salt, pepper and mix and stir for 2 minutes, or until creamy and everything is heated through. I hope that helps!

  14. Dawn

    I wish I could read this recipe but my page keeps scrolling on its own and changing due to SO MANY ADS. No more for me 🙁

    1. I’m sorry Dawn! The reason that’s happening is because I’m trying to work in the background to fix those ads. It’s the ads that are glitchy. My apologies please. I will send you the recipe via email asap. Thank YOU!

      1. Lisa

        I always get confused on the Parmesan cheese, you said shredded. So that means the cheese in the bag not the canister. Canister is called grated. I just want to buy the right ingredients.

      2. Lisa

        I always get confused on the Parmesan cheese, you said shredded. So that means the cheese in the bag not the canister. Canister is called grated. I just want to buy the right ingredients. For the recipe Garlic shrimp and rice

  15. Kristi

    I made this for supper last night and it was really good! i had leftover rice from another supper so I used that. I used much more rice than what the recipe called for. (I have two big eaters with a teenage son and my husband, so I have to make things stretch.) I also used coconut oil instead of butter. I actually like using coconut oil with shrimp recipes, it gives the shrimp a different, coconutty taste. Very good recipe and I’ll be making this often! Thank you!

  16. Mariah @ Mariah's Pleasing Plates

    Haha good ol’ infomercials. I never get suckered into those things…My mother-in-law on the other hand. I think she keeps a whole storage facility completely dedicated to her infomercial buys.
    She also is one not to waste any leftovers so I think she would agree that this garlic butter shrimp dish is a keeper.
    Pinning. 😉

  17. I gotta admit ShamWow always intrigued me but I could never ever order anything off TV. I am just not quick enough to get off a couch and grab a phone. Not at that time of the day, not ever! Anywyay, love me some garlic butter shrimp, Kate. Yum!

  18. I feel like I could just pick up that spoon and dive right in. This sounds SO good – and the fact that there’s shrimp?! My weakness! Also, my mom could have been a spokesperson for the FlowBee. She convinced all her friends to buy it, too. I think she kept them in business for at least a few years.

  19. Hahaha, we had some crazy TV commercials like that here in Switzerland, and they were all US ones with really bad dubbing 🙂 My mom never bought anything though. I always secretly wished for a Thigh Master though 😀

    Love this recipe! Garlic butter and shrimp? Sound perfect to me!

  20. This skillet shrimp and rice looks divine and I’m not ordinarily into shrimp. My husband will be so happy when I make this because I don’t cook very much seafood in our house and he loves it. Thanks for the recipe, I haven’t tried one from your site that I haven’t loved!

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