Refreshing Watermelon Salad

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Sweet and savory, this Watermelon Salad with Feta and Mint is a light and refreshing side salad that comes together in just minutes. It’s perfect for summer picnics and potlucks, or just grilling out at home.

cubed watermelon, blueberries, and sliced red onions atop a bed of torn up lettuce greens and topped with feta cheese crumbles

An Easy & Healthy Summer Salad

With cubes of watermelon and crumbled feta, this watermelon mint salad is sweet, savory and salty, all in one bite. Watermelon and feta may seem like a strange combination – I definitely raised my eyebrow at first – but it works. Perfectly! When I think back to picnics at the beach when we were little, Watermelon and Feta cheese is what my parents would bring with them every time!

Then again, when you consider many people add salt to their watermelon, I suppose watermelon and salty feta aren’t too far of a stretch. Add in some fresh mint leaves and you have the trifecta of bold, mouthwatering flavors.

One thing I love about this Watermelon Feta and Mint Salad is that nearly all of the ingredients are fresh. With the exception of the feta, you could head to your local farmer’s market and buy everything needed for this recipe, fresh out of the garden. Cooking with local, seasonal ingredients is very rewarding to me and I love that I’m able to do so with this salad.

While you can turn this watermelon salad into a meal, I most often serve it as a side dish. It’s perfect for potlucks and picnics, as it adds a pop of color to any table, and is a nice alternative to heavier mayo-based salads, or pasta salads. But, we love it so much in my family that it’s just become a summer staple, especially on nights where we have the grill fired up!

cubed watermelon, blueberries, and sliced red onions atop a bed of torn up lettuce greens in a salad bowl

What You’ll Need

This feta and watermelon salad is made with just a handful of fresh ingredients. As I mentioned, most can be purchased fresh at the farmer’s market or you may even have some ingredients growing in your own garden!

For the Salad

  • Mixed salad greens – You can buy a prepared package or make your own mix with your favorite greens.
  • Watermelon – You’ll want to remove the seeds (or use seedless watermelon) and cut it into 1-inch cubes.
  • Blueberries – Fresh blueberries are best.
  • Red onion – Avoid using yellow onion, it doesn’t pair as well with the other ingredients.
  • Crumbled feta – Feta adds the salty, savory side to this recipe.
  • Black pepper – Freshly cracked black pepper for a bit of flavor and garnish.
  • Mint leaves – Fresh mint leaves are added as a garnish to top the salad.

For the Vinaigrette

  • Extra virgin olive oil – Use a high-quality oil, as it’s the base of the vinaigrette.
  • Lime juice – Use fresh lime juice, not the kind from a bottle. You can also switch it up and use lemon juice.
  • Minced mint – Mint provides a light, refreshing flavor to the salad and compliments the watermelon nicely.
  • Garlic – Adds another layer of flavor to the dish.
  • Salt and pepper – To taste.
up close photo of cubed watermelon, blueberries, and sliced red onions atop a bed of torn up lettuce greens and topped with feta cheese crumbles

How to Make Watermelon Feta Salad

This easy watermelon mint salad comes together in just a few minutes, with minimal prep. All you need is about 20 minutes to prepare and assemble the ingredients.

  1. Combine salad ingredients. In a large bowl, toss together the greens, watermelon, blueberries, and onions.
  2. Prepare the vinaigrette. In a separate bowl, whisk together all the vinaigrette ingredients.
  3. Garnish and serve. When you’re ready to serve, add the vinaigrette to the salad. Then garnish with the feta, cracked black pepper, and mint leaves. Enjoy!

Tips for Success

Is your mouth already drooling about making this watermelon salad? I don’t blame you! Keep these tips in mind to help you make the best salad.

  • Make the vinaigrette ahead of time. The vinaigrette can be made ahead of time and I often recommend making it at least a few hours in advance, for the best flavor.
  • Add the vinaigrette only to the salad you’re serving. If you’re going to be enjoying the entire salad, go ahead and toss it with the vinaigrette, but otherwise, I recommend drizzling the vinaigrette directly into the individual bowls of salads.
  • Use chilled fruit. I find this salad is most refreshing when the watermelon and blueberries are chilled. If they’re not chilled before making the salad, you can always put the salad in the fridge for a an hour or two before serving.
  • Switch up the herbs. While I love the light and refreshing flavor of mint, you can swap it out for other fresh herbs. Basil is another great option.
  • Use balsamic vinegar in a pinch. If you don’t have the time or the ingredients for the homemade vinaigrette, or you just want a different flavor, balsamic vinegar or glaze will work in a pinch.
wooden salad bowl with cubed watermelon, blueberries, and sliced red onions atop a bed of torn up lettuce greens and topped with feta cheese crumbles

Serving Suggestions

This watermelon and mint salad is great for summer BBQs and potlucks, as it’s usually a healthy option to some of the heavier salads. I’ll also make this for a dinner at home, usually when I’m grilling and don’t want to turn the oven on inside. It goes great with any grilled protein, for a light and filling meal.

It pairs particularly well with:

How to Store Leftovers

  • Due to the high water content of the watermelon, this watermelon feta salad is best enjoyed the same day it’s made.
  • If you do have leftovers, store them in an airtight container in the fridge. Keep the vinaigrette separate.
  • If you need to prepare your watermelon salad more than a few hours in advance, you can prepare each ingredient individually and store them in the fridge, then quickly toss them together right before serving.
up close photo of cubed watermelon, blueberries, and sliced red onions atop a bed of torn up lettuce greens and topped with feta cheese crumbles


Watermelon Salad

4 4 4
WW Freestyle: 4
Prep Time20 mins
Total Time20 mins
Sweet and savory, this Watermelon Salad with Feta and Mint is a light and refreshing side salad that is perfect for summer picnics and potlucks.
Course: Side Dish
Cuisine: American
Servings: 6 servings
Calories: 172


For the Salad

  • 6 to 8 cups torn mixed salad greens
  • 4 cups watermelon cubes, seeds removed
  • 1 cup blueberries
  • 1/2 cup thinly sliced red onions
  • 3/4 cup crumbled feta cheese, for garnish
  • freshly cracked black pepper, for garnish
  • mint leaves, for garnish

For the Vinaigrette

  • 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • 3 tablespoons fresh lime juice, you can also use lemon juice
  • 1 tablespoon minced garlic
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt, or to taste
  • 1/4 teaspoon fresh ground black pepper, or to taste


  • In a large salad bowl, combine salad greens, watermelon, blueberries, and red onion; toss to combine.
  • In a small mixing bowl combine olive oil, lime juice, minced mint, garlic, salt, and pepper; whisk to incorporate.
  • Just before serving, gently toss the salad with the vinaigrette. Taste and adjust as needed.
  • Garnish with crumbled feta, cracked black pepper, and mint leaves.
  • Serve.
Nutrition Facts
Watermelon Salad
Amount Per Serving
Calories 172 Calories from Fat 99
% Daily Value*
Fat 11g17%
Saturated Fat 4g20%
Polyunsaturated Fat 1g
Monounsaturated Fat 6g
Cholesterol 17mg6%
Sodium 319mg13%
Potassium 248mg7%
Carbohydrates 16g5%
Fiber 1g4%
Sugar 10g11%
Protein 4g8%
Vitamin A 1128IU23%
Vitamin C 24mg29%
Calcium 113mg11%
Iron 1mg6%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Nutritional info is an estimate and provided as courtesy. Values may vary according to the ingredients and tools used. Please use your preferred nutritional calculator for more detailed info.

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