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Roasted Tomato Soup Recipe

Roasted Tomato Soup – Rich, bold, and flavorful Tomato Soup made with roasted cherry tomatoes, garlic, and basil.


Healthy, velvety Roasted Tomato Soup blends the flavors of garden fresh tomatoes, basil, and garlic. Prepared with just a handful of ingredients, this tomato soup recipe is so much better than the canned version and it couldn’t be simpler to make!

IF I had to describe this soup in just 4 words, it would be; yummy, healthy, warm, and cozy. Roasting the tomatoes adds extra sweetness and a ton of flavor, AND eliminates all the fuss with standing above the stove and stirring. 😃

Bowl of Tomato Soup garnished with basil and parmesan cheese.

Remember last week when I shared my Ricotta and Orzo Stuffed Tomatoes recipe? And I told you about my very generous garden and all the tomatoes it has given us?

Well. I’m still working on using up all my tomatoes before they go bad. And I assume I’m not the only one that has 3,000 bushels of tomatoes to use up, am I?!? I’m just trying to help out everyone that is in the same boat as me.

This roasted tomato soup is totally a summer-crossing-into-fall type of soup. I mean, you’ve got these wonderful summer tomatoes that end up in a roasting pan with garlic and onions. That right there should make you want to pray for cold weather, pajamas, and tomato soup. With a side of grilled cheese… oh. my. YUM!

Roasted tomatoes on a baking sheet.


You know what’s best about this roasted tomato soup? How easy it is to put together. You can probably make it in your sleep.

  • We start with arranging our tomatoes on a baking sheet together with garlic and onions, and roast that for about 25 minutes.
  • Once they are roasted, transfer to a soup pot and stir in fresh basil leaves and low sodium vegetable broth. Using an immersion blender, blend soup until completely smooth. OR blend in small batches in a Blender. Taste for seasonings and adjust accordingly.
  • Pour into soup bowls; garnish with parmesan cheese and sliced basil, then serve.

And that’s it! SO easy, right?! 


Yes, Roma tomatoes would be perfect. I suggest to cut them in quarters before roasting. 


I never do. I roast and blend the tomatoes with their peel on and it has never been a problem.

Roasted Tomato Soup in a mug.


Grilled Cheese Sandwiches are the best when served with a hot bowl of Tomato Soup! 😋 I also like to serve it with Baked Mozzarella Sticks and a Grilled Shrimp Caesar Salad🍴 


  • Store soup in an airtight container and keep in the fridge for 3 to 4 days.


If making this soup with the intention to freeze, do not add in the heavy cream. The problem with heavy cream in soups is that it curdles when you try to reheat it. You can wait to stir in the heavy cream when ready to serve. 

  • To Freeze: Pour completely cooled Tomato Soup into a gallon size Freezer Bag; keep soup in the freezer for up to 6 months.
  • When ready to serve, thaw soup overnight in the refrigerator.
  • Reheat in a soup-pot over medium heat. 




roasted tomato soup served in a cup and topped with basil ribbons

Roasted Tomato Soup

Katerina | Diethood
Rich, bold, and flavorful Tomato Soup made with roasted cherry tomatoes, garlic, and basil.
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Servings : 6 servings
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes


  • 3 pounds cherry tomatoes, halved
  • 6 cloves garlic, smashed
  • 2 small yellow onions, quartered
  • 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • salt and fresh ground pepper, to taste
  • 1 cup fresh basil leaves
  • 4 to 5 cups low sodium vegetable broth
  • 1/4 cup heavy cream, optional
  • grated parmesan cheese, for garnish, optional
  • sliced fresh basil leaves, for garnish, optional


  • Preheat oven to 425˚F.
  • Line a large baking sheet with foil and set aside. You can also use 2 smaller baking sheets.
  • In a large mixing bowl combine halved tomatoes, garlic, onions, olive oil, salt and pepper; toss to coat.
  • Spread tomato mixture on prepared baking sheet.
  • Roast for 20 to 25 minutes, or until tender, stirring couple of times during the process.
  • Remove from oven and transfer roasted vegetables to a soup pot.
  • Stir in basil leaves and add in vegetable broth; blend with an immersion blender until smooth. OR blend in small batches in a Blender.
  • Stir or blend in heavy cream, if using; taste for seasonings and adjust accordingly.
  • Ladle into soup bowls and garnish with parmesan cheese and slices of basil.
  • Serve.


WW Freestyle Points: 2
Yes, Roma tomatoes would be perfect. I suggest to cut them in quarters before roasting. 
I never do. I roast and blend the tomatoes with their peel on and it has never been a problem.


Serving: 0 cup | Calories: 182 kcal | Carbohydrates: 16 g | Protein: 6 g | Fat: 12 g | Saturated Fat: 4 g | Cholesterol: 14 mg | Sodium: 78 mg | Potassium: 715 mg | Fiber: 2 g | Sugar: 7 g | Vitamin A: 1466 IU | Vitamin C: 56 mg | Calcium: 59 mg | Iron: 2 mg | Net Carbs: 14 g

Nutritional info is an estimate and provided as courtesy. Values may vary according to the ingredients and tools used. Please use your preferred nutritional calculator for more detailed info.

Course: Side Dish, Soup
Cuisine: American, Italian, Mediterranean
Keyword: healthy soups, oven dried tomatoes, tomato recipes, tomato soup
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69 comments on “Roasted Tomato Soup Recipe”

  1. Just made this soup with my 11 year old son for all the family, we all loved it. I added a teaspoon of sugar before blending & We served with bake at home sourdough rolls, absolutely delicious. Thank you! X

  2. Honest to god the best recipe ever. This is only the second time I’ve ever tried to make soup and it turned out beautiful so flavourful and rich even without the cream added.

    1. Katerina - Diethood
      Katerina Petrovska

      That’s wonderful to hear! I am very glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for chiming in! 🙂

  3. i use a similar recipe but I also roast several cloves of garlic and a red or orange bell pepper – makes a great tomato/pepper soup;

    i also do almost the same thing to make tomato sauce for various recipes, just roast the veggies exactly the same way and pour them all in the food processor after roasting and puree to perfection. – the flavor is so much richer and ‘cleaner’ than any canned tomato sauce. –

  4. Avatar photo
    Wayne Caldwell

    Made this soup a few times earlier this year. Today, I used 12 roma tomatoes, one medium onion, four garlic cloves, basil, oregano, roasted New Mexico green chili, vegetable broth, salt and pepper and blended it in a NutraBullet. Serving it with veggie spring rolls and toasted green chili sourdough bread.

  5. Love this recipe! I’ve added a few carrots to this to add a touch of sweetness but I love how easy it is. I did use Romas and I’m making enough to can. Thanks for sharing this recipe!!

  6. I made this tomato soup by grilling the tomatoes, garlic and onions. Then used the Vitamix. It was really a nice change. I will make it again soon. Thanks for the wonderful recipes and I look forward to making different recipes you post.

  7. Avatar photo
    Debbie Harris

    You mention heavy cream, but I didn’t see it in the ingredients. How much and when to add it?

    1. Katerina - Diethood
      Katerina Petrovska

      Thanks sooo much for pointing that out! It should be 1/4-cup heavy cream, and it’s optional. Most of the time I don’t add it in, but my husband adds it to his bowl. 😀 And, it’s delicious. 😋

  8. Avatar photo
    Christine @ myblissfulmess

    Looks wonderful! I have a question though, how many servings does this make? I want to include this in a ladies luncheon I am hosting and want to make sure I make enough. Thanks so much!

    1. Katerina - Diethood
      Katerina Petrovska

      Hi Ashley! I’ve never tried doing that so I don’t really know for sure. Google says yes, :-D, but I can’t recommend it myself because I’ve never attempted to can this soup.

    1. Katerina - Diethood
      Katerina Petrovska

      Hi Karen!

      No, I don’t remove the seeds – once you blend the soup, the seeds will no longer be there. 😀

  9. What would the weight be for the tomatoes? I have all shapes and sizes and not sure how to proceed. Thanks for a quick reply- I am excited to make it tonight!

    1. Katerina - Diethood
      Katerina Petrovska

      Hi Kirsten!

      I would say around 2.5 to 3 pounds. I hope that helps. Have a great Sunday!

  10. The tomatoes I have are huge weighing maybe close to 1 lb each. Should I adjust qty of tomatoes per batch or still use 8-10? I have made this recipe over and over. It’s the best by far! Just have huge tomatoes and don’t want to sacrifice the balance.

  11. Hi there,

    Love the recipe! I only don’t have a blender. You think its possible to make this but than mash it after with a masher?



    1. Katerina - Diethood
      Katerina Petrovska

      Hi Maartje! I highly recommend a blender for this soup, or any other soup recipe that asks for whole vegetables. Having said that, I guess you could use a masher, but I am not sure that you will be able to get it as soupy without a blender. Also, you might have to peel the tomatoes before mashing because, if you’re going to mash the tomatoes, the peel will just separate and end up in your soup. I hope that helps! Please let me know if you give it a try. Thank YOU!

        1. Katerina - Diethood
          Katerina Petrovska

          Hi Laura!!
          Yep, absolutely, but you’ll have to work it really well to get that perfectly smooth texture. At least that’s been my experience with our immersion blender. It’s a great soup, though, no matter what. 😀

    1. Katerina - Diethood
      Katerina Petrovska

      Hi Sonia! So it won’t taste exactly as it should, but you can definitely use dried basil. I would use about 1-1/2 to 2 tablespoons. Let me know if you liked it! Thank you!

  12. Just made this today with some late season tomatoes and gypsy peppers. Added about 2 cups chicken broth and some Italian herbs. This is really the best tomato soup ever! Wish I had lots more tomatoes!

    1. Katerina - Diethood
      Katerina Petrovska

      That’s exactly how I feel every time I make this soup!! I just want moooooore! 😀 SO happy to know that you also enjoyed it! THANK YOU!

  13. this recipe sounds so delicious and I too have an abundant of tomatoes this season. Do you know if this freezes well?

    1. Katerina - Diethood
      Katerina Petrovska

      Hi Julie!!

      Yes, it does freeze well. I have done that on a few occasions and it was delicious!!

  14. This looks like just the soup I’ve been looking for! No cream, just robust tomato flavor.
    Do you recommend a certain type of tomato? I’m thinking that if I use only roma tomatoes, it may not have enough liquid. Maybe I should buy an assortment?

    Since it is early March, I’m going to have to use store-bought tomatoes, so I might add a can of fire roasted tomatoes to give it a little more oomph, but I’ll wait and see how it turns out using only fresh first. Store bought are never as good as home-grown, though!

    1. I just made this and it is delicious! I wound up adding a little bit of my home-made vegetable broth to thin it out a little. Thank you!

      After I roasted my soup vegetables, I roasted some eggplant, then put the eggplant in my bowl before putting soup over it. Deeeelicious!

    2. Katerina - Diethood
      Katerina Petrovska

      Hi, Judy!!

      Since tomatoes are not in season, yet, and as you said, our gardens are still empty, I’d go ahead and use a variety of tomatoes… hopefully there’s some good tomatoes available at the local grocer. You can also add some roasted carrots, or as the reader just said, roasted eggplant. No matter what though, this soup is pretty darn amazing. You’ll see! 😉

  15. I made this for my two kids and husband-I went to work out, thinking that there would be some leftover. Nope! All gone! I know that this recipe is a definite keeper! Thanks!

    1. Katerina - Diethood
      Katerina Petrovska

      Hi Debbie!!

      That is so good to hear!! Can’t believe they inhaled it all! 😀 Oh well, now you have to make it again! 🙂

  16. This was my first time making home-made tomato soup. Wow! It’s definitely a keeper. This soup tastes so fresh!

    I made a double batch, but will make another double batch and preserve.

  17. Excellent soup and so simple. I picked up a basket of tomatoes and the soup was ready in no time. I may buy another to load up the freezer for lunches.

  18. Love the idea of roasted the tomatoes. There’s nothing better in the fall than tomato soup and grilled cheese. Great soup!

  19. Avatar photo

    My plants and farm share have been producing like crazy, and I’ve been canning many quarts of crushed tomatoes in anticipation of winter. I’m good for crushed tomatoes, now (you think 20 qts is enough?? Maybe I should do more?) I think I’ll try this, and if the kids like it, perhaps I can freeze a few recipes of roasted tomatoes to make soup in the winter.
    Thanks, Kate!

  20. Avatar photo
    Nami | Just One Cookbook

    I love all kinds of tomatoes but I rarely make tomato soup. Yours look so rich and delicious. I love Macedonian lesson. Keep them coming! 🙂

  21. I love tomato basil soup and for some reason it has never occurred to me that I could make it, even though I make a wide variety of soups each year. I was happy to find this recipe as I had a huge bag of fresh tomatoes from my brother-in-laws garden and a new basil plant. This recipe is DELICIOUS! Thank you so much!

  22. Avatar photo
    Maria | Pink Patisserie

    I bet this tastes, knock your socks of amazing. All those lovely roasted flavors! I giggle at the way my Irish friend says soup. She calls it, “sup”. Sou-pah is pretty awesome too. 😉

  23. Tomato soup is so delicious, and roasted tomato soup is even better! Your soup’s texture looks perfect!

  24. Avatar photo
    Heather @ Sugar Dish Me

    Ahhhhhh! I love tomato soup! It’s my favorite. And no one else in my house will eat it (score!) Beautiful photos for a beautiful recipe!

  25. Tomato soup and grilled cheese-I feel like a queen when I have this together. Such comforting food, perfect for fall!

  26. Avatar photo
    Nancy P.@thebittersideofsweet

    I NEED to make this! I have been making soups all last week and this week for the hubby and am running out of ideas! So going to add this to my list!

  27. Avatar photo

    I am sold out to this roasted tomato soup. I am not a tomato soup fan but the roasting of tomatoes in this soup sure makes the soup taste amazing.

  28. My Romanian mom used the same word for soup in the former Yugoslavia. She never made this tasty sounding tomato one though.

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