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Garlic Butter Asparagus Pasta

30 Minute Meals
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  1. Susan

    Deeee-licious! Maybe not as easy as I wanted it to be, but it will be when make it again and again. I’ll have everything measured, prepped and ready to go. Just wanted to let you know how yummy I thought it was!

  2. Anna

    Mine did not have as much flavor as I expected. I will try again and see if I DoD something wrong…I like the little bit I did have.

  3. Heather

    Yummy!!! And you weren’t lying when you said quick and easy. I’m that person who takes 45 minutes to make mac n cheese. Lol. This took me 5 minutes to prep and another 10 to cook. And it was so good. I paired it with a nice caprese chicken breast but this easily could’ve been a full meal for me. Thanks for this easy, delicious recipe.

  4. Lindsay

    Could I use whole wheat pasta and mozzarella cheese in place of the orzo and Parmesan cheese?! Trying to see if I can work with what I already have…

  5. Jakalyn Helling

    This is a wonderful, easy side dish. Made tonight and so pleased with the results. Easy, tasty, nice enough to serve as a side at a dinner party. I didn’t have a full pound of asparagus so added frozen peas. Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Hi! I just tried in both chrome and safari, and it worked for me. If you have a minute, could you please let me know what device you’re using and what browser so that I can fix the issue? Thank YOU!

    1. Hi! I think wild rice would go great with this recipe! While I always freeze cooked asparagus, I have never done it with this recipe because it just comes together in no time, but I think it would definitely be OK. Both, rice and asparagus, freeze well, so why not. 🙂

  6. Stacey Fisher

    I made this today…delicious!! The only thing I did differently was roast the asparagus while the orzo was cooking and I was making the sauce. I cut them into three pieces, tossed them with a little olive oil, salt, pepper and Parmesan cheese and put them in a 425 degree oven. After that I folded them in with the orzo and sauce.

  7. Amy

    Just made this last night. I didn’t have orzo on hand, so I used a little star shaped pasta that I had in the pantry. I also used heavy cream in place of the milk, and used a little of the pasta water to get the right consistency. It was so creamy and delish! I thought I was eating a fancy risotto, only this was much easier. My husband loved it and declared “You can make this every week”! Thanks for such a quick and easy, GREAT recipe! I will be sharing!

  8. This was tasty and delishious. . I ended up roasting some asparagus at the same time also and just threw a couple in- this would be equally delish with roasted asparagus too! Quick and easy meal. Thanks for sharing

  9. Gale

    I have made this numerous times since I found the recipe and we absolutely love it. Thanks for sharing. It’s so simple but so VERY good. Making it again for dinner right now.

  10. A. Stoner

    I made the garlic butter asparagus pasta with non-dairy products (Earth Balance “butter”, Veggie “parmesan cheese” and soy milk) and it was DELICIOUS! I also added 1 lb. chicken that I sauteed in a non-stick skillet for some protein and my whole family (four-year old twins included!) ate it up! Delish!!

  11. Katie

    Making this again!!!! I pinned it when I first made it. Was looking at my pins for a good side dish for roasted chicken and saw this and was like YES! This was delicious!!! Thank you!!

  12. I’ve made this several times. We were all shocked to discover we like asparagus! At least, when it’s covered in garlic and butter…
    This recipe is amazingly simple and amazingly delicious. Thank you so much!


    Just love it when someone posts a delish/easy/fun recipe. Even more so because of the fact you embrace everyone’s ‘tweaks’ to your recipe. My tweak would be to use cream instead of skim milk and add some shrimp in there. Can’t help myself, I’ll eat those lovely crustaceans every chance I get. I’m thinking this with a loaf of crusty bread and a tossed green salad w/a vinaigrette would be great for date night. THANKS for such a great recipe.


  14. […] Garlic Butter Asparagus Pasta from Diethood. This is the first time I have included a recipe in the roundup that I am not actually keeping in my ginormous binder of recipes. I thought this was fantastic in every way (inexpensive, fast, tasty) and Matt thought it was “meh.” I know better than to try to make a “meh” recipe a second time. Al the joy I get out of it is negated by Matt’s indifference. (Grrr) But I wanted you good people to know about this dish. It’s great for spring, when asparagus is plentiful and cheap, but also for summer when you don’t want to use the oven. […]

  15. Nancy

    My husband made this for us one night last week. We loved it and gobbled it all. He told his work colleagues about it and now it has spread throughout his company. Everyone who has made it loves it and has made it more than once! So have we!
    Thanks, Katerina for such an easy and delicious meal. Last night we used the rest of the asparagus from the first try and threw in slices of chicken sausage for a really yum one pot dish!

  16. This looks really wonderful, Katerina! I find I am using orzo more in place of rice or traditional pasta. So I’m always looking for new recipes. The asparagus makes this a perfect spring meal. And I’m all for a delicious dish that comes together in 20 minutes! : )

      1. Hi Olivya! The very bottom of the asparagus is stringy, so you don’t want to use that. But, in this particular recipe I only use the tips so you don’t have to cut it while eating. But, if you want to use all of it without the very bottom, the recipe will still taste great, you’ll just have to possibly use a knife to cut it up when eating.

        If you need a recipe to use up the rest of the asparagus, make this soup – it’s sooo good! 🙂

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