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Roasted Sweet Corn Mediterranean Salad

Beautiful, fresh Mediterranean Salad tossed with Roasted Sweet Corn and Garbanzo Beans, Tomatoes, Olives, and Feta Cheese.

Roasted Sweet Corn Mediterranean Salad |

You guys! Two words: Sweet Corn AND Salad. You know what that indicates?! SUMMER is near!

I know, Spring is still teasing us, but we can’t let a little slightly above freezing weather get in between us and our favorite warm weather salads. Don’t give up! Let’s just properly celebrate what is in our near future – flip flops and a Mediterranean Salad.

Roasted Sweet Corn Mediterranean Salad |

So, you know how when we stepped “off the boat” (it was a plane – I swear! JAT airlines – check it!) in 1988 and my dad was introduced to Sweet Corn? And when he couldn’t stop telling his mom in Macedonia about his newfound American favorite food – the best and sweetest corn, ever? Obsessed much, Dad??

Sweet Corn and my dad are like *this*, to this day. I call him, “corn nibbler”.

However, it’s not just any sweet corn. My dad’s choice was, and always will be, Sunshine Sweet Corn. The sweetest, most tender corn in the country.

For these reasons, and the bit about its amazing flavor, sweet corn gets used up a lot around here.

Roasted Sweet Corn Mediterranean Salad |

Think about the goodness of charred, roasted sweet corn. Go ahead, take a moment. Add some garbanzo beans, thyme and pepper flakes. Riiiiiight. The word awesome is beginning to float around.

Roasted Sweet Corn Mediterranean Salad |

Also? Throw some feta cheese on it. And olives, and tomatoes… If you’re thinking that red onions should be in the plan, go ahead, add them in.

Mega tip – toss it all together with a citrusy,  homemade Lemon Vinaigrette.

There you go. You just made the most delicious Salad on the planet.

Yea.  Seriously.  Let’s just all admit that sometimes roasted Florida Sweet Corn is the Belle of the ball. The bees knees. The top banana! You get the point.

Roasted Sweet Corn Mediterranean Salad |


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