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Slow Cooker Honey Mustard Glazed Ham

Perfect for entertaining, this ultimate Holiday Slow Cooked Ham is deliciously sweet, tender, and SO juicy!

A whole Spiral sliced ham in a slow cooker insert.


Coated in a sweet honey, brown sugar, and mustard glaze, then cooked until golden brown and caramelized, this beautiful spiral cut Ham will be the perfect centerpiece for your Holiday entertaining. I’ve had every intention to bake a ham for two years now, but other things always distracted me from doing it, like this Pork Roast.

However, recently I was given this cookbook called, Six Sisters’ Stuff, and that resulted in this Slow Cooker Honey Mustard Glazed Ham situation. I guess I was just waiting for the perfect ham recipe, and I got it. When I turned the page to the sister’s Slow Cooker Ham recipe, I immediately called my other half and asked him to pick up some ham. The guy was puzzled – it was only October after all, but he knows how we do. Some of us food bloggers cook Christmas Dinner in August. It’s part of our job description. 

Now, I do love a good ham, but had not tried one that was cooked in the crock pot. I always had my Mom’s and hers is really good, but so is this one! Most importantly, you have a free oven! Use it for, oh, I don’t know… a turkey, perhaps?

Cooking honey, butter, brown sugar, and mustard in a saucepan.

What Is Honey Mustard Glaze

This simple honey glaze is prepared with butter, brown sugar, honey, mustard, apple juice, and a pinch of salt. You want to heat that up for about 5 minutes, and whisk it until everything is completely incorporated. Remove from heat and let stand 3 minutes.

How To Cook Glazed Ham In The Slow Cooker

This is a most lovely Holiday meal. The result is a succulent and flavorful ham infused with the sweet and tangy flavors of honey mustard and brown sugar.

  • While the glaze cools for a bit, unwrap the pre-cooked spiral cut ham and pat dry with paper towels.
  • Spray the insert of the slow cooker with cooking spray and place in the ham. 
  • Pour 3/4 of the prepared glaze all over the ham. Grab a pastry brush and continue to brush the glaze in between the ham slices and all around the ham. 
  • Cover and cook for 4 to 5 hours on LOW. Baste with the juices every hour.
  • For the final step, remove insert from the slow cooker, brush the rest of the glaze over the ham and bake in the oven for 15 more minutes, or until edges are crispy and caramelized. 

Cooking Ham In The Oven

  • Cover the ham with aluminum foil and bake for 2-1/2 hours in a 325˚F degree oven. Adjust cooking time for a larger ham; the rule of thumb is to cook ham for 20 minutes per 1 pound.
  • Remove foil and turn up the heat to 400˚F and continue to bake for 15 more minutes or until browned on top. 

What to Serve with Ham

Ham is great with mashed potatoes, roasted carrots, smashed brussel sprouts, and a side of my Instant Pot Turkey. ? 

Leftover Ham Recipes

The best part of Holiday ham is all the leftovers! Amiright?! 

spiral cut ham with honey glaze

12 Days of Christmas With Six Sisters’ Stuff is the perfect companion for your Holiday planning and for all those delicious Holiday recipe ideas. I was mostly impressed with how the Sisters were able to incorporate the real meaning of the Holidays. Sharing traditions and thoughtful handmade gifts, the book is inspiring and would be a wonderful Christmas gift for anyone on your list.


spiral cut ham with honey glaze

Slow Cooker Honey Mustard Glazed Ham

Katerina | Diethood
Coated in sweet honey, brown sugar, and mustard glaze, then cooked until golden brown and caramelized, this beautiful spiral-cut Ham will be the perfect centerpiece for your Holiday entertaining.
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Servings : 14
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 5 hours
Total Time 5 hours 10 minutes


  • 7 pounds (and up to 10 pounds) fully cooked, bone-in spiral sliced Ham
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup honey
  • 1/2 cup unsalted butter
  • 1/4 cup Dijon mustard
  • 1/4 cup apple juice
  • pinch of salt


  • In a saucepan, combine brown sugar, butter, honey, mustard, apple juice, and pinch of salt; whisk and cook over medium high heat until well incorporated. Continue to cook for 5 minutes.
  • Remove from heat and set aside for a couple minutes.
  • Lightly grease slow cooker with cooking spray.
  • Pat dry ham with paper towels and transfer ham to slow cooker; set aside.
  • Pour 3/4 of the glaze over the ham. Using a pastry brush, just brush it all around and in between the slices.
  • Cover slow cooker with lid and cook on LOW for 4 to 5 HOURS.
  • If the ham is too large and can't close it with the lid, use aluminum foil to make a tent over the ham. Then, cover with a kitchen towel and cook.
  • Baste ham with juices every hour.
  • Preheat oven to 400˚F.
  • When time is up, remove insert of slow cooker, keeping the ham inside the insert; brush remaining glaze all around – if the glaze has thickened or hardened , heat it up before adding it to the ham.
  • Bake ham in the oven, uncovered, for 15 to 18 minutes, or until top has caramelized and browned.
  • Remove ham from oven and transfer to a serving plate.
  • Spoon juices over the ham.
  • Serve.


Serving: 4 ounces | Calories: 498 kcal | Carbohydrates: 26 g | Protein: 43 g | Fat: 24 g | Saturated Fat: 8 g | Cholesterol: 183 mg | Sodium: 2733 mg | Potassium: 675 mg | Fiber: 1 g | Sugar: 26 g | Vitamin A: 203 IU | Vitamin C: 53 mg | Calcium: 32 mg | Iron: 2 mg

Nutritional info is an estimate and provided as courtesy. Values may vary according to the ingredients and tools used. Please use your preferred nutritional calculator for more detailed info.

Course: Dinner
Cuisine: American
Keyword: christmas dinner, crock pot dinner ideas, ham recipes, holiday dinner recipe, holiday ham, slow cooker ham
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18 comments on “Slow Cooker Honey Mustard Glazed Ham”

  1. Avatar photo
    Linda Malkemus

    Katerina, I love your site. Your recipes are so fabulous. Really delicious!! I have a question about the slow cooker ham recipe. My ham is not a spiral cut. Is it still “workable” for your recipe?Would you suggest I make some deep cuts into the ham so that it absorbs the glaze more easily?
    Thank you for your help and your continued awesome recipes!!

    1. Hi Linda,

      Thank you so much for your kind words! ❤️ I’m thrilled to hear you’re enjoying the recipes! 😊

      Regarding your question about the slow cooker ham, absolutely, a non-spiral cut ham will work just fine. While spiral hams do naturally have more surface area for the glaze to seep into due to their slices, you can still achieve a delicious outcome with a whole ham. Making some deep cuts into the ham is a great idea! It will not only help the glaze penetrate deeper into the meat but also allow the ham to soak up all those delicious flavors. I hope this helps, and I can’t wait for you to try it!

  2. Avatar photo
    alexandria vilk

    have not made it yet,but I am looking forward to making it.i love the combonation of ingredients.

  3. My 7 lb fully cooked bone in ham was way over done at 8 hours on low, and I’m not sure lessening to 6 hours would have saved it.

    1. Thanks for posting about the time being over. My mom thought 8 hours sounded too long for an already cooked ham & im making this tomorrow to be ready at same time as turkey, so timing is key.

      1. Katerina - Diethood
        Katerina Petrovska

        Hi Lee!! A lot of it depends on your slow cooker. I have gone through three in the last 10 years and they all cooked at different temperpatures. I would definitely start checking at the 6th hour, but it might need more than that. The commenter above, Fran, used a 7 pound ham, and if yours is a bit bigger, you will definitely need at least 6 hours. I hope this helps! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  4. I’m allergic to mustard (I know really strange/rare) is there something else I can sub for the mustard?

    1. you might want to try a couple of tablespoons of creamy horseradish. The mustard gives it a little zip. Actually, I think you could leave the mustard out and not notice too much of a difference. Also for a crunchy covering you could put extra brown sugar on the outside when the ham is done and flame melt it for a sweet coating.

  5. Avatar photo
    amanda @ fake ginger

    Mmm, ham! I’ve always avoided doing ham because for whatever reason it intimidates me but I’m totally trying this!

  6. Avatar photo
    Anna @ Crunchy Creamy Sweet

    All of these slow cooker holiday dishes are blowing my mind! Ham in a crockpot? I am IN!! Love it!

  7. My slow cooker has become my best friend now that I’m living with my boyfriend.. he doesn’t complain because dinner is ready when he wants and I can’t complain either – I’m able to do a thousand other things while dinner is cooking!
    This sounds like a fantastic idea… I wanted to buy a Honey Baked Ham for dinner and sandwiches and soup but they’re so prohibitively expensive I almost tossed that out the window.

    Not any more!
    I’ll share my feedback when everything is done cooking!
    So excited, thank you!

  8. Crockpots/slow cookers are more popular all the time. The ham looks like a great way to avoid using the oven while producing a great moist and tender meal.

    1. Katerina - Diethood
      Katerina Petrovska

      Hi!!! Yes, the slow cooker is my right hand man these days. It’s hard to keep up with kids, work, sports, games, studying… grrrrr! Why didn’t anyone tell me growing up was hard to do. 😉 Have a wonderful day!!

  9. Avatar photo

    This looks so good! I have never done a ham in the crockpot like this. What a great way to keep your oven free for the big day.

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