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Crock Pot Orange Chicken

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33 Responses
  1. Katie

    Why do you say prep time only 5 minutes. I find this very frustrating that all food bloggers say prep time is only 5 minutes. It takes more than 5 minutes simply to pull out the ingredients. You have to gather the ingredients, measure, chop, put them all in the pot. That takes at least 20 minutes. Please be honest about prep time.

    1. Anita

      You can buy the garlic cloves already chopped in the garden section of any major grocery store. That’s all I use and I have never regretted the time save.

  2. Rachel

    Can’t wait to try the orange chicken. Look forward to the diet meals emails. I am on a diet and always need different recipes. Have lost 16 pounds so far.

  3. Harry marshall

    I found unsweetened Smucker’s Marmalade, the meat came out on the dry side, so I think next time I’ll double up on the sauce when I put in the slow cooker it’s totally submerged.

  4. Looks and sounds awesome. I am debating on making either this or another recipe that I found for my slow cooker. Decisions, decisions….. Anyway, I WILL be trying this sometime and I will post another comment on how it turns out. Thanks again for the recipe!

    Brian Rungaitis

  5. Beth

    I found this recipe online about a month ago and have been wanting to try it, but finding orange preserves here is very difficult (I live in a small fishing village in Nicaragua), yesterday I had gone into a decent size city to meet some friends for lunch and found 2 jars of orange jelly–not preserves but it was the best I was going to get. Got up this morning and got it started in the crock pot. I was a little worried that after all the waiting and searching for orange preserves it would not live up to what I had been anticipating. It was DELICIOUS. I bought the only 2 jars of orange jelly the store had so I can make this one more time before I have to go back to searching for more 🙂 The only negative was having to smell it cooking all day before I could devour it 🙂

  6. Rebecca

    I really wanted to like this but it did not come out. I followed the directions exactly and at only four hours on low the chicken is very dark brown almost burnt looking and they are very dry. The sauce also seems to have a burnt flavor. Not sure what happened but I know I followed the directions exactly.

    1. I’m so sorry it didn’t turn out for you, Rebecca. 🙁 I hate when that happens. I’m not sure why the chicken would burn, especially on the low setting. My previous slow cooker was cooking at too high of a temperature (even at low), which would create problems with all foods. Just a thought.

    1. nicole

      I have the Vitaclay and I can’t dry slowcook so I always need to add broth or water to it. It cooks super fast but I wonder if I’m watering down the recipe or making it taste different. Anyway, I leave work at 7:30 and don’t come home til about 4 how would I be able to make this in a regular slow cooker? If I put it on before I leave?

      1. darlene bergman

        I had received a little gift box with orange marmalade so I made this recepie. It was awesome. My husband actually went out next day and bought more marmalade

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