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Mini Chocolate Chip Muffins

13 Responses
  1. Lisa

    Great flavor but batter consistency is very runny so chips sink to the bottom. I’ll try reducing milk and adding flour? I’ve made these a few times and finally read the comments!

  2. Alison

    I made these today and the chocolate chips sank to the bottom. I even added an additional 1/2 c of flour recommend by another individual. These have good flavor but disappointed in the consistency.

  3. Julie

    Just made these and all my chocolate chips sank to the bottom, causing them to stick terribly. Super disappointed. Great flavor, but something in the recipe is off.

  4. Andrea

    I just made these and they were disappointing. I realized after baking the ratio of milk to flour was pretty high. There was also no fat like butter or oil so the batter was really runny and the chips sank to the bottom. The flavor was lacking something..I think it was butter. I bake all the time so not sure what happened.

  5. Lisa Patrick

    Safe journey! Those muffins look so good! I love muffins. It’s my saint’s day (Clare of Assisi) today, so I just may make those muffins for dessert.

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