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Shopska Salad {Macedonian Chopped Salad}

10 Responses
  1. Mo

    As a bulgarian, I know that this particular salad was INVENTED in Bulgaria.

    But let’s just take a look in Wikipedia:

    Though the salad’s name comes from the region called Shopluk, in fact, it was invented in the 1960s as part of a tourist promotion.

    At the time, leading chefs from Balkantourist invented Dobrujan, Macedonian, Thracian and several other salads with similar names, which were associated with different ethnographical regions.

    Because the area of Shopluk is divided among Bulgaria, Serbia and Macedonia, chefs in Macedonia and Serbia began later to contest the Bulgarian origin of the salad.

    If you know something different, and can prove it, you can change the text in Wikipedia, I think.

    1. So, let’s take this a step further… Just 3 days ago, a Serb was on here telling me the exact same thing, except in his little paragraph, it was the Serbs that invented it… Go troll someone else’s site. And you’re using Wikipedia as a credible source?

      1. Lee

        Stunningly epic response!

        BTW. I ate this EVERYDAY in Bosnia (Banja Luka) in 1996, whilst serving as a British Soldier. I don’t care where it’s from. It’s DELICIOUS!!!


  2. LALE

    Hi, I`m Turkish and we have a very smiler cuisine.. We call this salad as `spoon salad` we eat it with a spoon because, we don`t want to waist the tomato juice!!! And I love very much your BOREK… You know pastry with cheese, spinach, beef, leek…..Do you have some recipes for borek pls. Thanks for all delicious ones….

    1. Hi! Spoon Salad sounds like my kinda food!! ūüôā I love this salad so much. I am in Macedonia currently visiting family and I’ve had Shopska just about every day! ūüėÄ
      I don’t have a recipe for Burek on my blog, however, I do follow this recipe for those times when I crave it: Make sure to hit the “translate” button on Google. ūüôā This recipe uses ready made fillo sheets which makes it perfect for those lazy Sunday mornings! hehe

  3. My daughter is over there now staying with the grandparents! My husband is so silly, he thinks I am actually going to endure a 10 hour flight with a 3 year old solo to go pick her up.Trying to avoid that convo at ALL COSTS. LOL Safe travels or as we say Sreken Pat!

    Now that it finally got hot in Chicago this is what we will be eating for the remainder of the summer-pure bliss!

    And I read somewhere that alcohol can make it worse! Better off drinking chamomile tea :-/

  4. Yaaay! Have the most awesome time with your family, Kate! I’m definitely there with ‘ya on the flying part—hate, hate, haaaate it! So yeah: definitely ask for that tequila! LOL.
    This salad. Ummm literally cannot even control my drooling. You loaded it up with seriously all the THINGS! Whichever country it really belongs to definitely knows their salad stuff! Pinned. ūüôā

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