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  1. Ran

    Hi, would it be possible to mix all ingredients together and refrigerate the night before and then throw in the slow cooker in the morning?

    1. Cass McGeiger

      Just be careful not to put the crock itself in the fridge. I did that, and the next morning I took it from the fridge and put it in the crock pot, turned it on and my crock cracked in half!

  2. Brad Clark

    This sounds delish, and will make it soon, but with my own twist. I think that with the garnish, if you sauteed the onions and tomatoes in olive oil would be great. Then, make a balsamic vinegar reduction, to the consistency of maple syrup, and lightly drizzle over the garnish. Substitute parsley with sweated cilantro. And for my taste, a bit more garlic would be in order. A great starter recipe !

  3. Brian

    Curious if you, or any of the other readers, have thoughts about making this without dairy milk and instead using something like soy or almond milk? For a family that cannot have dairy products but still likes to have an omelet.

    1. Brian

      I went ahead and tried it this morning, using soy milk (plain, not vanilla) and Daiya shredded cheese. Turned out perfectly and was a great breakfast. I’m not a very good cook, so this gives me a nice breakfast I can easily assemble and cook for my wife on the weekends.

  4. Raquel

    Tried this recipe last night and it was amazing. you could add or remove veggies depending on what you like.

    This can be a great dinner as well. i did my prep on sunday and after work put it all in the crockpot. It was ready to eat after a long walk with the dogs.

    will definitely make this again and add to my rotation.

    1. Hi Sarah! I’m very sorry for the late response – I was away on a business trip and I’m just now getting back. You can absolutely double this, but it may take up to 15 to 20 minutes longer to cook. Just start checking at the 2 hour 10 minute mark, making sure that the eggs have cooked through. Hope that helps! Let me know how it goes.

      1. LP

        Hi Katerina – This looks delicious. I can’t eat egg yokes – is this possible to do with egg whites only and if so do I need to do anything differently?

  5. Mandi

    Just wondering if you’ve ever put this on before you actually go to bed? But on low instead of high, to make it an overnight omelet… I love omelets, but I’m not one of those mums who gets up at 4am! Lol! But i could see this would definitely work if I could set it before going to bed instead. Thanks

    1. Hi Mandi! Yep, I am also not one of those moms :-D, and I did put this on before going to bed once, buuuuut I woke up to a burnt omelette. :-/ It wasn’t too bad, though! Just the edges were a bit crispy. 😀 I had set it on low for over 6 hours… I don’t think it needs more than 4 to 4.5 hours on LOW. I hope that helps!

  6. Jackson Smith

    I’m cooking this recipe right now, but I was wondering how exactly to transfer this to a serving dish without it turning into scrambled eggs. Any ideas?

    1. Hi Jackson! If you give it some time to cool down just a bit, it will be easier to remove. I’d use a large serving spoon or spatula and just slide it right underneath the omelette and pull it up. I hope that helps. Let me know!

  7. Sujata

    This recipe came out delicious! We’re about to start kitchen renovations next week and will have no stove for 3 weeks. I’m definitely going to refining this recipe over the next few weeks. Thank you!!

  8. I love the idea of making a big omelet in a slow cooker! And I love hearing about traditions from around the world. My husband is from Mexico, so January 6 is when he grew up getting presents (not Christmas) …Three Kings Day / Epiphany. I’m guessing it may be the same for you? Now, I need a mimosa…

    1. Hi Heather! I’m Macedonian Orthodox (Christian), but the reason we celebrate Christmas 2 weeks after everyone else is because our Church still follows the [old] Julian Calendar.
      However, the exchange of gifts is on January 1st and it only symbolizes the beginning of a new year and has nothing to do with the birth of Christ. To keep those two things separate, people have continued to exchange on the 1st of January. 😀

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