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Weekly Meal Plan (Week 10)

Weekly Meal Plan (Week 10) – 10 great bloggers bringing you a full week of recipes including dinner, sides dishes, and desserts!
Weekly Meal Plan collage with 10 recipe photos

HEY HEY, it’s me, again! Sorry about the double appearances today, but one of them happens to be a (Virtual) Baby Shower so that’s an automatic forgiveness. Right?! Thank YOU!

So that was a fun week! I dealt with feverish kiddos, learned new sight words (1st grader drama), and had some really good food. Those Sweet Potato Noodles are making a reapparance tomorrow, and we’re going to enjoy them with a side of my husband’s homemade kebapi. I kinda can’t wait!

We also discussed our first Pumpkin recipe for this season: a crunchy and delicious Pumpkin Granola made with rolled oats, pumpkin puree, Fall spices, pumpkin seeds, and dried fruits. Healthy, quick, and SO easy to make. Why pay $5 bucks for a handful of sugary oats when you can just make it ten times better yourself? Exactly!

Oooooh! And how about the fish last Sunday!! That salmon is just so damn good. It’s an incredibly delicious, garlicky, flavorful one-pan dinner with oven-roasted salmon and brussels sprouts. You can’t go wrong with this one.

Lastly, our beloved Broccoli Cheese Soup, which I think is a 100% Panera Copycat. I don’t know. I could be wrong (I’m not), and if you have a chance, make it and tell me about it! PLEASE! Thank you!

Onto more amazing things; YOUR weekly meal plan!

Below you will find a recipe for Easy Chicken Teriyaki, Korean Miso and Honey Glazed Cod, Slow-Cooker Sweet and Tangy Pork Roast, Semi Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup, French Onion Mac N’ Cheese, Twice Baked Cheese and Bacon Mashed Potato Casserole, and my very own Chicken Broccoli Shells and Cheese.

We also have a recipe for a delicious drink called Bahamarita, a recipe for an Easy Apple Tart, and a recipe for Peanut Butter Banana Energy Bites. I’m making those tomorrow morning!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Click on each of the meal links below to get the printable recipes.
Monday label
Easy Chicken Teriyaki – I Wash…You Dry
Sliced teriyaki chicken with vegetables over rice in a bowl

Tuesday label

Korean Miso and Honey Glazed Cod {20 Minute Meal} – Foodie with Family

Korean Miso and Honey Glazed Salmon over broccoli and rice in a bowl

Wednesday label

Slow-Cooker Sweet and Tangy Pork Roast – Barefeet in the Kitchen

Slow cooked tangy roast pork with green beans and mashed potatoes on a plate

Thursday label

Semi Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup – Sweet C’s Design

Chicken noodle soup on a crock

Friday label

Kitchen is CLOSED – Enjoy the night off!


Saturday label
Chicken Broccoli Shells and Cheese – Diethood

Top view of chicken and broccoli shells and cheese in a pan

Sunday label
French Onion Mac N’ Cheese – Dinners, Dishes, and Desserts

French onion mac and cheese with golden topping in a crock

Drinks label
Frozen Bahamarita – Cravings of a Lunatic

Red Bahamarita cocktail in a martini glass with a lime wedge

Sides label

Twice Baked Cheese and Bacon Mashed Potato Casserole – Roxana’s Home Baking

Twice baked cheese and bacon mashed potato casserole in a baking dish

Dessert label

Easy Apple Tart – Lemons for Lulu

Top view of an apple tart with decorative apple slices on top

Peanut Butter Banana Energy Bites – The Cookie Rookie

Peanut butter banana no bake energy bites with chocolate chips in a bowl

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