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I just stumbled upon one of the best gift-giving sites ever! It’s called Ziftit. Have you heard of this service? You get to choose the gifts you want, and then let everyone else know about it!  Ziftit’s mission is to make it easy for us to give the gifts that our friends and family actually want.


Ziftit Gift Giving | www.diethood.com


I don’t know about you, but I am terrible at selecting gifts. One of my friends had a birthday recently and I bought her a Quesadilla Maker. I thought she would love it because she loves Mexican food, but apparently she’s not too crazy about kitchen gadgets. Um…she hated the gift. In fact, she returned it!  Thus, I welcome anything that eliminates the guesswork out of gift giving. And you better believe that I am looking forward to sharing this new service with her.

For her next birthday I am thinking about using the Create Events feature, and invite our group of friends to all chip in for her desired birthday gift.  Ziftit gives users the ability to send invitations to friends and families with a list of someone’s chosen gifts.


Ziftit Gift Giving | www.diethood.com


I also have that new house that I am about to move into. Recently people started asking me about what to get me as a house warming gift. Looks like I’ll be able to let them know exactly what I want. I’ve already started working on my list!

The list keeps getting longer, and I can’t wait to share it. Then, when family and friends visit my Zift List, they will be able to buy the gifts I chose. They can even all pitch in and buy me this beautiful tufted chaise lounge that I really, really need. ;-D


Ziftit Gift Giving | www.diethood.com

One thing I learned about Ziftit that really stuck with me was that they also help others get what they need. Last Christmas, Ziftit provided 1,000 gifts to families affected by Hurricane Sandy. Now, they are also working on reaching out to residence of Moore, Oklahoma. Kudos to you, Ziftit!

So, tell me, what gift-giving event are you preparing for?

Just remember what they say, it’s better to give than to receive… but receiving feels good, too! EEEEK!

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