Hunan Chicken Stir Fry

Takeout Copycat Recipe!

This quick and easy Hunan Chicken stir fry recipe pairs juicy chicken and tender vegetables with the best sweet and spicy Hunan Sauce!

Hunan Chicken is a hearty combo of white meat chicken, crisp-tender veggies, and signature Hunan sauce. It's EASY to make too!

What You'll Need for the Chicken & Veggies

Oil - For sautéing

Chicken breasts - Sliced


Salt and Pepper

Broccoli - 2 cups florets

Bell Pepper - Any color

Mushrooms - Thinly sliced

Garlic - Minced

What You'll Need for the Hunan Sauce

Broth - Chicken or vegetable

Soy Sauce - Low sodium

Oyster Sauce

Rice Vinegar

Chili Paste - Doubanjiang paste, oelek or gochujang


Cornstarch - Thickens the sauce

Sliced green onion

Tips for Success:

Get everything ready beforehand - stir-fries cook quickly!

Use a wok if possible, and make sure your oil is HOT at all times.

Ready to make hunan chicken?