beef chow fun

Easy and Flavorful!

Made with tender, thinly-sliced steak and ribbons of wide rice noodles, this pan-fried recipe for Beef Chow Fun is easy to make and loaded with flavor! 

what is chow fun?

Chow Fun is a very simple Cantonese dish that features big, bold rice noodles that soak up the savory sauce. Tender slices of flank steak add protein and texture, and broccoli florets and bean sprouts add extra nutrition.

3 Main Components

Prep everything ahead!

Steak - marinated in a soy sauce mixture for 15 minutes Stir Fry - Broccoli, Noodles, Bean Sprouts, and aromatics like ginger, garlic and green onions Stir Fry Sauce - A simple mixture of soy sauce, wine, and sugar!

Marinate the Steak


Thinly slice the steak, and toss it gently with a soy sauce mixture in a large bowl. Set aside for 15 minutes.

Pre-Cook the Broccoli, Noodles and Steak


Steam the broccoli, boil the noodles, and saute the steak for one minute per side.  Set the cooked ingredients aside.

Cook the Aromatics with the Noodles


Stir-fry the garlic, ginger, and onion in sesame oil.  Add the noodles and cook for 1 minute.

Add Sauce and Pre-Cooked Ingredients


Whisk together the sauce ingredients, then add the cooked beef, sauce, and vegetables to the skillet. 

Finish and Serve!


Toss the stir fry gently and cook for about 30 seconds.  Scoop onto a big serving bowl or plate, and serve immediately.

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