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Thingamajig Tuesdays with Fruttare: The Bright Side of Life

Fruttare Frozen Fruit Bars in a wooden berry box

You know how we come here on Tuesdays to talk about our favorite things?


What if I told you that one of my very favorite things is sitting in my freezer, and that there’s 5 boxes of that one thing?

I know. I’m obsessed with it. Its name is Fruttare.

Let’s see. I have Coconut and Milk, Strawberry and Milk,  two boxes of Orange Fruit Bars, and a box of Black Cherry. HAPPINESS!

You guys knooooow I love frozen treats, I have told you SO many times, thus my love for these frozen fruit bars should come as no surprise.

But, there really is something extra special about Fruttare. After all the taste-testing I had to do (not really, I just can’t stop stuffing my face with ’em), I have concluded that these bars have the right amount of sweetness, the perfect amount of fruit, and a smooth texture like no other. I think that probably has a little something to do with the fact that Fruttare Fruit and Milk Bars are made with creamy milk and real fruit! They are also available in four varieties – Strawberry and Milk, Coconut and Milk, Banana and Milk, and Peach and Milk. I’ve tried them all. I love them all. Surprised? Of course not.

Overhead view of Fruttare Frozen Fruit Bars

Wanna know what’s cool about Fruttare? I mean other than the amazing frozen fruit bars?

Fruttare is recognized as a brand synonymous with a positive outlook on life. I like that. A lot. I’m a very positive person. My glass is always full. My skies are always bright. My heart always sings.  I just enjoy life. Sure, I’ve had bad days, but I’ve learned something from all of them and the next day was much, much better than the previous. And for those days when I feel lost, or confused, I just look up at the sky and I start to feel my own existence. That makes me happy. And alive.

Do you have a positive outlook on life?

Close-up of a berry Fruttare Frozen Fruit Bar

I encourage you to bite into the bright side as Fruttare, a new line of delicious frozen fruit bars bursting with real fruit taste, are now available at mass merchants, grocery and convenience stores nationwide.

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    1. Katerina - Diethood
      Katerina Petrovska

      The cherry is amazing! I ate the entire box… not kidding. In fact, I inhaled ’em. 😀

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