Starbucks Verismo Brewer {Verismo Pods Giveaway – $50 Value!}

Enjoy your Starbucks coffee with just a simple push of a button with the Starbucks Verismo Brewer.

Starbucks Verismo Brewer

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Hi, friends!

Remember when we used to talk about Thingamajigs every Tuesday?? Remember that? It was SO fun! I miss those days…
And since I hate missing things, I’m bringing Thingamajig Tuesdays back! From hereon referred to as TT.

I am a girl obsessed. OB.sessed. And TT is just a way for me to show you what I’m crushing on these days. Sometimes TT’s involve Giveaways! Can I get a, woot woot!! Other times, TT’s involve favorites, like Starbucks, Pinterest Boards, shoes, family, travel, and blogs. A.K.A. my life.

I obsess over a number of things, and when you’re “employed” by the internetS, you are bound to stumble upon a million or two obsessions.

My current obsession involves my brand new Starbucks Verismo Brewer. If you’ve been hanging around these parts for a bit, you know very well that I lurrrrrve coffee! My day isn’t complete without 6 cups of it. My husband knows that a Starbucks Gift Card will make this girl smile from ear to ear.

This past fall, Starbucks debuted the Verismo line, its first automatic coffee maker. To say that I was excited would be an understatement. Even though there’s a Starbucks near my house, it still doesn’t beat having a taste of Starbucks in your own kitchen! I get to make my own espresso or latte whenever I feel like it. SCORE!

Starbucks Verismo Brewer

What sets the Verismo Brewer apart from the others is its slimmer shape, which makes it easier to just set it on your kitchen counter and let it stay there. But, and more importantly in my opinion, the coffee it brews is SO good! The coffee is strong, bright and fresh.  Cafe-quality lattes, espresso, americanos, and everything in between at your finger tips, in your own home. Convenience at its best!

More Bells & Whistles:

  • Makes Starbucks-Quality Espresso, Lattes, and Brewed Coffee
  • Features a 19-bar high-pressure pump that rapidly heats up to make beverages in seconds.
  • Integrated Rinse Function (super cool!)
  • Automatic OFF function.
  • Removable 1-Liter Water Tank.
  • Stores up to 10 Pods.
  • Height-Adjustable Drip Tray.
  • Ready to use in 15 seconds.
  • Brewer’s variable temperature system allows for optimum coffee extraction and milk steaming.

All in all, if you in the market for a brand new coffee brewer, swing by your local Staples and pick up this beautiful coffee machine; the Starbucks Verismo Brewer is the only major single-cup brewer that offers both coffee AND espresso, and you can enjoy your Starbucks coffee with just a simple push of a button.

Starbucks Verismo Brewer

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Now! About THE Verismo Pods Giveaway – $50 Value!

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