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Share A Haircut | www.diethood.com

One thing I never thought I would discuss around these parts is a haircut. BUT, when it’s for a cause, I am ready to jump in, head first.

My husband and I donate to a few causes month after month, and Share A Haircut is this month’s favorite!

Hair Cuttery, the largest family owned chain of hair salons in the country, expects to donate more than 100,000 back-to-school haircuts. That is a total of $1.6 million in this year’s Share-A-Haircut program. This is the 14th year of the program, and since its launch in 1999, Hair Cuttery has donated more than 700,000 haircuts to kids in need.

How about this. Did you know that a back-to-school haircut can impact a child’s academic performance?! Think about it. How good do you feel when you step out of the salon with your new mane, all cleaned up and styled? I’m pretty sure the same goes for these students. They get a new cut and they feel confident, beautiful, and ready to tackle the new school year.

“Share-a-Haircut is about the ritual of preparing for a new school year,” said Dennis Ratner, Founder and CEO of Hair Cuttery. “A new haircut symbolizes a new start and new possibilities.” I couldn’t agree more.

Share A Haircut | www.diethood.com

Hair Cuttery donates one free haircut to a child in need FOR every child’s haircut (18 years and younger) purchased during the month of August. The free haircut vouchers are valid up to November 15, 2013.

Working with more than 150 local governments and community organizations, Hair Cuttery determines the areas of greatest need. Nearly 900 salons nationwide will participate in this year’s event. To search Hair Cuttery locations, visit the Hair Cuttery website.

SO! Want to get involved? Want to help me spread the love? Awesome!

Look at the right sidebar —–>

Search for the widget that says Hair Cuttery. Found it? Good!

Now, each share  by you, my beautiful readers, will donate one haircut from Hair Cuttery. If you share this post on your Twitter and/or Facebook, Hair Cuttery will donate a haircut to a child in need on your behalf. That’s it!  Start sharing and let’s help a kid get off to a great new start!

One more thing, Hair Cuttery will be donating $5,000 to a project through DonorsChoose. In order to make this fun, every share that you help me with will also earn ME a point. The blogger with the most points at the end will select the specific program(s) to receive the $5,000 donation!!!

Make sure to also follow the conversation on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #shareahaircut.

Share A Haircut | www.diethood.com

So, are you in?! Pretty, please :). Let’s start sharing! There’s Twitter and Facebook buttons for sharing above this post and below. Click! Click! Click! 🙂




Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. babykitted

    Lovely idea! This is how you start helping others, little by little, we can change the world that we live. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. Louise Hill

    One of the most important for the girls beauty is our hairstyle and also our haircut.Thank you for the samples.

  3. Adriane

    I’d really like to share this but the widget doesn’t show the buttons on the bottom. It seems to cut off in the middle of the scissors image!

    1. Katerina Petrovska

      Yes, the widget is a bit nonresponsive. ;-D There are share buttons above my post and below…just hit those and we’re good to go! THANK YOU! 🙂

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