Saving for the Holidays with Walmart Family Mobile

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Saving for the Holidays with a new phone and a Walmart Family Mobile Plan.

Saving for the Holidays with Walmart Family Mobile | | #FamilyMobileSaves #shop #cbias

Yes, you read that correctly – Saving for the HOLIDAYS! Of 2013.

They are upon us, people. Trust me. It’s already the second week of October. Before you know it, you are going to be running over people trying to save BIG on that new TV, game console, or the new “it” toy.

But, before we start trampling over people just to save a few bucks, I thought that you and I should start saving now. Lemme explain.

My cell phone bill is ginormous! Every month that thing gets bigger and bigger, but never better!

I paid $268.00 last month. That’s insane! That’s like a couple of utility bills + a bag of chips. I’m sick of it! Aaaaand, to make things worse, I use up all my “unlimited” data before the month even starts.

Swear. I only use it for about a week and I get this cutsie little text from my carrier telling me that I’ve used too much data! Too much?! I am paying for UNLIMITED D.A.T.A.! Argh!

Saving for the Holidays with Walmart Family Mobile | | #FamilyMobileSaves #cbias #shop

Enough is enough, I thought. I am going to jump on the Walmart Family Mobile wagon and get this family on a better cell phone plan because #FamilyMobileSaves!

And “saves” is what we need if we want to get all those wonderful presents for Christmas. Things like a new Chanel bag (a girl can dream), a brand new MacBook (still dreaming), and a trip to Cabo San Lucas. With the help of saving some dollars on my cell phone bill, one of those three will happen! (Fingers crossed that my husband is going to read this post!!) Don’t worry, with the money that I save with my new cell phone plan, I am going to buy him a little something, as well. A new soccer ball, for instance… Or maybe shoes?

However, I do remember him saying that he also wants a new phone.

In fact, my Christmas gift to my parents will be the Walmart Family Mobile Plan and a couple of new smartphones to go with it.

Saving for the Holidays with Walmart Family Mobile | | #FamilyMobileSaves #cbias #shop

For myself, I bought the T-Mobile Concord, which is an inexpensive smartphone in the Walmart Family Mobile plan. I could either use the $39.88 unlimited plan with talk, text and data, or the $29.88, which is their lowest price rate plan and includes unlimited talk and text. Normally, the Concord is $99.97, but because it was on sale, I got it for $79.88! Woooot!

I know my dad will be incredibly thankful when he sees my presents because my mom knows how to rack up that bill… Like mother, like daughter, eh?

What I like most about these plans is that you can get a very affordable smartphone with unlimited service AND no contracts! To add, Walmart also has the lowest priced Unlimited Plans. I like that. A lot!

Saving for the Holidays with Walmart Family Mobile | | #FamilyMobileSaves #cbias #shop

Wanna see me in action?! You can see my entire phone-shopping experience here, in my Google+ Album

In the meantime, I am going to be using my new phone, and after about a month, I will be back to let you all know how much money I saved! If you are interested in checking out the Walmart Family Mobile Plan online, go to their Online Account Management and Information Services.

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    1. Katerina Petrovska

      Hi Rose!! I’m trying it out for the next month, and I will be back to report how it went, including *if* and how much I saved.

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