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My Morning Cup with Georgia Coffee

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Georgia Coffee.

My Morning Cup with Georgia Coffee |

You guys! There’s a new cup of Joe in town and we were just introduced! Eeeek!
Its name is Georgia! Ahem. Georgia Coffee!

I mean, you know about my love for that morning cup, right? We’ve talked about my coffee-love many times before.

Before heading into my make-believe office (dining room table), every morning I make a pot of dark roast coffee just for myself. I like my coffee early in the morning, before the kids wake up. And I like to enjoy my first cup all by myself and with my computer. That right there is the perfect moment for me and my coffee. Hold the sugar and cream… that’s not coffee. That’s liquid cake. 🙂

My Morning Cup with Georgia Coffee |

You know what’s interesting?
Over the years I have become one of those people that actually knows coffee. Like, I can describe coffee as beautifully as Chef Alex Guarnaschelli can describe an Octopus dish on Chopped. Yeah, seriously, I’m that good!

For instance, my morning cup. The words that need to be said after that first sip are; beautiful, smooth, dark, flavorful. That’s it. That’s all I am looking for. If I have to have that first cup at an unknown restaurant or someone else’s house, I literally pray that the gorgeous, black liquid in my cup will not taste syrupy!

I like my coffee smooth with rich flavors that are usually found in quality Arabica beans. This is where Georgia Coffee steps in and takes care of my coffee needs. Their rich and distinct “Dark Roast” is my new morning companion. There’s nothing better than that first morning cup being the greatest, and Georgia Coffee delivers on that. The chocolaty overtones found in their dark roast makes me love them that much more!

The Georgia Coffee Company’s promise is to make the most of their coffee so it can help you make the most of your day, every day. Since 1975, they have been brewing signature, 100% Arabica blends with the full-bodied flavors that we are all looking for.

Doesn’t that sound like a delicious sip that you would love to try?

Apart from my favorite Dark Roast, they also have a Light Roast Blend and Decaf Blend.


My Morning Cup with Georgia Coffee |

Whenever I pour myself a good cup of coffee, I just sit back, relax and enjoy my time, trying to be as present as I possibly can. I think about the day ahead and the good things that the day will bring – those things that really matter in life. Thus, as you wake up and pour that first cup, remember to smile, enjoy, be present and be positive!

Tell me, what is your perfect “Georgia Coffee” moment? Some like it first thing in the morning; some as an afternoon pick me up. Whether you take it black, cream and sugar, alone or with friends, I want to know!

You can also join the conversation at Georgia Coffee.


I partnered with Georgia Coffee to write this post. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

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