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Mexican Coffee

Delicious and warm Mexican Coffee made with a splash of tequila, coffee liqueur, and vanilla ice cream.

Mexican Coffee at Diethood

Clearly, we all need a cocktail, however THIS coffee-cocktail should also be known as, Mommy Juice – it works WONDERS!

Soooo… HI! How are you?? Happy mid-week!

If you had told me ten years ago that I’d be sitting here adding tequila to my coffee, I would’ve said… HECK YEAH! 😀

Tequila reminds me of Puerto Vallarta, circa 2001. All I remember is my friends, Coronas, tequila, of course, and “Hit ‘Em Up Style” by Blu Cantrell.
I wish I had known about Mexican Coffee back then – I would’ve ordered it every single day.

And I also remember that our mornings included awesome leftover guacamole… it was brown, but damn good! Anything to cure a hangover, you know?

On topic. I learned about this delicious coffee-drink at a nearby, family-owned authentic Mexican Restaurant. I was told that Mexican Coffee recipes are many and varied, but with tequila, kahlua, and vanilla ice cream, it is as authentic as it gets.

I took their advice and got drunk as soon as I got home. By the time I got the ratios down pat, I was slurring my words and started bumpin’ to Nelly Furtado’s, I’m Like a Bird. I quickly learned that a full shot-glass of tequila in hot brewed coffee was not the answer to this recipe. Ew!

Mexican Coffee at

Go get a glass or a mug, and join me. We can celebrate Cinco de Mayo right now, if you like.

Also? That ice cream on top? OH yeaaaah… super amazing.



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11 comments on “Mexican Coffee”

    1. Katerina - Diethood
      Katerina Petrovska

      Hi Rose!! I think they are similar. From what I know, Spanish Coffee is coffee mixed with rum or whiskey. But both are boozy and delish! 🙂

  1. Avatar photo
    Matt Robinson

    What an awesome combination of flavors in this Mexican coffee, especially with a little tequila. And ice cream? Yes I have to say, this will be made here soon. This weekend. Thanks!

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