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Whoa! This is a food blog, K! Where’s the food?!

Relax. Food will come. This is more exciting. Trust me. Keep on reading. There’s something in it for you, too!


I can’t lie. I love freebies. I really really love getting things for free. But what’s better than getting it for free? Well, when you LOVE what you receive! Things can be free, but they’re so bad you want to return them and get paid for postage.

Yes, I’ve done that, but that’s for another post. Back to the story.

When I learned that I was selected by Kodak Gallery to create a FREE Quickstart Photo Book using their fun, new photo creation features, I was, of course, super excited, and I knew exactly what I wanted to do.


Our 4th wedding anniversary was on the 5th of August and I decided that I was going to gift this photo book to the both of us. Believe it or not, I am/was a bad bad bride. Most brides probably ran home and couldn’t wait to put their wedding albums together. I, on the other hand, have yet to put together a wedding album… We got married on the 5th of August, 2007…it is now 2011.

Is that wrong?

Well, it’s better late than never!


Thanks to the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program and Kodak Gallery, I now have a wedding album!


And, guess what else?

KODAK Gallery is also providing an exclusive offer to extend to my readers; 40% off a medium hardcover or a large Photo Book! Simply go to www.kodakgallery.com/creativity to redeem. The offer is only
available through 8/31/11.


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  1. Ha! At least you HAD wedding photos. My hubby and I decided the money would be better spent on our post-eloping dinner and drink party 🙂

    Your book looks stunning, tho! Great anniversary present!

  2. Happy belated Anniversary Kate!
    Love your wedding photos, I think the Macedonian wedding is kinda the same as the Romanian wedding. Actually all Orthodox weddings are kinda the same. I remember my wedding day, I so hated that crown, messed up my hair :))

    1. Yes, shhhh, don’t tell, I am Katerina, Princess of Macedonia! ;-D

      That is how it’s done in our church. I am Macedonian Orthodox (Christian), and we are all ‘crowned’ as husband and wife. 🙂

  3. I LOVE looking at wedding albums…and your Macedonian wedding looks beautiful! It is a nice wedding anniversary gift to you and your husband. You two look great in the pictures, I mean, you are so pretty!!!!!! The 3rd picture, you look like a celebrity… 😉

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