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Don’t Waste Food! | Thingamajig Tuesdays

How I keep my Family from wasting perfectly good food


Hi, Friends!

Today, you can find me over at SheKnows, discussing my number-1 pet peeve; food waste!

I have mentioned this on a few occasions on zee bloggy, and I can’t even begin to explain just how much wasting food bothers me.

In my everyday life, one of my proud moments involves not throwing away food because I forgot about it or because it has gone bad. Using up everything is super important to me.

I’m also proud of my 5-year-old knowing her address and bus number, but I’m just as proud of my ability to use up all the things in that fridge before going rancid.

Allowing food to go to waste is disappointing to me; as soon as I go to pitch it, I think about the money that went into buying that product, I think about those who are hungry and homeless, and guilt consumes me. For that reason, I try very hard to use up everything that is in that fridge before I go to buy more groceries.

Crisper Drawers

Please join me over at SheKnows to learn about what I do to make sure that most of our food is used up before I hit the grocery store, again.


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3 comments on “Don’t Waste Food! | Thingamajig Tuesdays”

  1. My poor fridge is rarely as empty or as organized as yours and things get lost at the back. I’m going to check out the post so I can learn NOT to waste anything I paid good money for. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Avatar photo
    Laura Dembowski

    I always try to avoid wasting food. I get so upset with myself when I do. Over the years, I’ve gotten good at using all of it up.

  3. Hi Katerina, just found your blog, and this post caught my eye. It really bothers me too, for the exact reasons you mentioned. I am going to check out your post there, and I think I will follow your blog from now on ๐Ÿ™‚

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