Christmas Gifting with Luvocracy

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Luvocracy.

Luvocracy is an online site and App where you can buy or recommend products based on what you want, need, and love.

Christmas Gifting with Luvocracy |

Earlier this week I started singing Christmas Carols to you… I wasn’t kidding, friends. Christmas is just around the corner. 33 days and counting. Are you ready? Do you have your list? I got mine! In fact, I have a list for everyone in this family.

Some time ago I was introduced to this really lovely place called Luvocracy

Luvocracy is an online site and App where you can buy or recommend products based on what you want, need, and love. It’s like a personal closet filled with amazing pins that you can now purchase! Also, those items are shown to thousands of others, and they in turn can purchase your recommended items. AND you earn rewards for helping your fellow shoppers. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

Here’s the best part – I feel like I need to bold this entire sentence! OK. Listen. “A Luvocracy  shopping assistant finds the product at a competitive price from a reputable retailer, places the order, and will assist with any glitches or return needs“. Did you hear that? An assistant shops for you! And does the returns for you! I feel rich!! Besides, it doesn’t get easier than that, especially with the busy Holiday season, it’s good to have extra hands to help us out with purchases and returns. They also have a 30-day return policy.

Below is my collection for the Hubs. I plan to get at least 3 of these items… Hope he LUVS ’em!

Christmas Gifting with Luvocracy |

Now please allow me to brag about one of my favorite Luvocracy Christmas Gifting collections.

Christmas Gifting with Luvocracy |

You know how I lurrrrrve those two beauties of mine? Well. Those two little girls cost me an arm, a leg, and my head. Thus, I created a collection just for them called Gifts For My Children Under $50.00.  I can’t believe just how many amazing items one can find for under $50! I am looking forward to their faces when they see the Barbie Collector’s Doll. You know what’s better than that? The expression on their faces when they learn that this is a toy that will sit behind glass and nowhere near their sticky fingers. Can’t WAIT for the cries!

After shopping around for them, I was like, ummm… what about me!? So I set up another collection called Hostess With The Mostess! As you can see, I have a crush on everything-Royal Albert and coffee.

When you sign up for a free account with Luvocracy, you will receive a $10 shopping credit that will automatically be applied to your account. The best part of using Luvocracy is that friends can purchase products from your collections and you earn commission. Cha-ching! I sold a few of the lovely scarves in my Gifts For Her Collection, and a shopper sent me a “Thank You” note for sharing the item!

Christmas Gifting with Luvocracy |

You can hop over to Luvocracy right now and set up a free account, or you can download the app for your phone. All new members receive a $10.00 credit, which is automatically credited to your Luvocracy account.

Make sure to grab their bookmarklet and start adding products found online to your Luvocracy collections.

Happy Shopping!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Luvocracy.

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  1. Dionne Baldwin

    Ok, I’ll go shopping…you’re totally twisting my arm here! I love sites like these but this is the first that actually has an assistant to help me out!!! Ok, gotta shop.

    I hope you are having a good week!

    1. Katerina Petrovska

      I am having so much fun with Luvocracy! I’m shopping on one hand, recommending my faves on the other and making a buck or two while I’m at it. 🙂

    1. Katerina Petrovska

      Exactly! Why not! 🙂 You can’t lose, Rose…there’s so much stuff on there and you can get your hands on things that you’ll probably have a really hard time finding locally. Happy Shopping! 🙂

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