Arby’s KING’S HAWAIIAN Sandwiches + Giveaway

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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Arby’s for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Experience the delicious KING’S HAWAIIAN Sandwiches at Arby’s!


I often daydream about doing my job, a.k.a. play with food and talk about said food, outside of my home. In fact, I dream about my job taking place in an office building where people clock-out for lunch! More specifically, they get to clock-out and end up going to Arby’s to sink their teeth into one of their amazing sandwiches. Is that too much to ask for?! Of course not! I just want to enjoy that sandwich without the distractions of screaming children, General Hospital drama-playing, and Barney songs singing.

Arby's King's Hawaiian Roast Beef Sandwich advertisement

The type of sandwich that I want to inhale at this moment are the Arby’s KING’S HAWAIIAN sandwiches. Have you tried them? My worrrrrd! The Arby’s KING’S HAWAIIAN Roast Beef Sandwich is incredible. Not only does it hit the spot just when you bite into it, but it also tastes like you just bit into a million dollar sandwich. It’s in the bread and the pairing with their delicious roast beef – it’s kind of the perfect marriage.

Then there’s the Arby’s KING’S HAWAIIAN Roast Beef and Swiss… I’ll give you a moment to take that in. Doesn’t that sound incredible? My husband and I actually took a lunch break together, and when we went to Arby’s, that’s the sandwich he ordered. All he said was, “Don’t talk to me – I need to focus on this amazingness!”. Cool. Besides, it’s wrong to eat with your mouth full.

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So we went on about our lunch and exchanged a total of, maybe, 15 words? Give or take. One of those 15 words involved, OMG, this is goooooooood! I then took a bite of his sandwich and repeated the same phrase. I’m a woman of a few words, you know.

If you’re looking to add some excitement to your sandwich, just head over to Arby’s – you will love the new KING’S HAWAIIAN sandwiches. I’m also giving away a $10.00 Arby’s Gift Card if you’re interested! 😉 All you need to do is leave a comment stating why you love Arby’s!! GOOD LUCK!

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49 Responses
  1. Tara Parks

    Arby’s roast beef is some of the best…roast beef isn’t something available at just any fast food place but the quality of the beef itself is outstanding…THEN, to put it on a sweet Hawaiian roll is just PERFECT with the sweet and tangy Arby’s sauce…I could eat these every day!!

  2. Cynthia

    I love Arby’s sandwiches. I can see what is in the food as compared to some burger places where I don’t know what is in the burger.

  3. Christy

    I didn’t know if I’d missed the giveaway, but thought I’d give some Arby’s love because it definitely would NOT hurt my feelers to have them breakfast-lunch-dinner, like, everyday of my life. It is no lie that the King’s Hawaiian is fanfreakintastic, but there are only 2 fast food places I will get a potato and Arby’s is one. Also, when you suck up a Jamocha shake with curly fries in your mouth, it tastes like potato-donut heaven. Yes, I am fat. That is all…

  4. TERRY

    We don’t eat too much fast food but we really like Arby’s when we are traveling. In fact we ate at Arby’s last Saturday and enjoyed the Rueben sandwich….yum!!

  5. Cynthia P

    We had lunch there today because their Beef ‘n Cheddar is the best thing EVER… I must also say the lady that served us could not have been nicer 😀 Thats rare these days in the world of fast food! Way to go little Arby’s lady!!!

  6. Shea @ Dixie Chik Cooks

    Oh, Holy Lord, I could eat my weight in their curly fries dipped in a mixture of Horsey sauce and Arby’s sauce. Does that make me weird?

  7. David Smith

    I like Arbys because it is a roast instead of ground beef and is lower in fat and tastes better than most hamburger places. I usually get an Arby’s Large Roast Beef, but since I love Hawaiian Bread, I would get one of these.

  8. Barrie

    Arby’s is a favorite in our household. As a mother, I feel better taking my family to Arby’s as it’s healthier than other fast food restaurants!

    Thank you for the giveaway!

    kymom13 at gmail dot com

  9. Linda Szymoniak

    I remember the first time I ate an Arby’s and they have been one of my favorites ever since. Their roast beef is tender and flavorful, and one thing you don’t get at other places that sell roast beef – is consistently so. I’ve never had a bad Arby’s. I’m also a lover of the King’s Hawaiian bread line. The combination of the two is heaven to me. I love the beef and Swiss, although I will say that it would be better with actual Swiss cheese and not the “processed” kind, but that’s the only down side to this sandwich. Gee, now I want one. Well, it IS almost lunch time. LOL!

  10. bohemian babushka

    The jamocha shakes are addictive, and their original RB sandwich with their original sauce?? There’s a reason they’ve been around so long. QUE RICO!!! Gracias for the giveaway.

  11. Sandy S.

    I love their french dip sandwiches. I like Au ju sauce to dip my fries in. I just went there yesterday to buy my cat a sandwich, yes my cat. He loves Arbys!! The vet pulled 5 of his teeth and at 18 years old he lost 8 lbs. He has a hard time eating food so I treat him to Arbys once in a while (of course no bun for him and a sandwich takes a couple days to eat). He’s definitely spoiled! !

  12. Sandra VanHoey

    I love their French Dip sandwiches. My daughter and I get them often.My grandson who is 5 also loves Arby’s and really enjoys their roast beef/cheddar sandwiches.

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