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Interrupting our regularly scheduled recipe to bring your attention to some new features here on Diethood.


You may have noticed that when I came back to blogging, I began to use a new recipe format. That format is actually a plugin called ZipList.  The cooler thing about ZipList is that it works for you, too.

I don’t know about you, but I save recipes all over the place; bookmarks, toolbars, hard drive… If one day this laptop decides to crash, and I am expecting that to happen sooner or later, whoop! there go all my saved recipes. Oh gosh, that is a scary thought. Knock on wood! Anywho!

I teamed up with ZipList to provide you, my valuable readers, with a feature where you can save recipes from any site that partners with ZipList into the same Recipe Box. Some partner sites you might be familiar with include: Martha Stewart, Simply Recipes, Steamy Kitchen, and now Diethood.

Ziplist is completely free, and now you will be able to access your Recipe Box right from Diethood. Besides saving your recipes, Ziplist also allows you to create shopping lists! When you add a recipe you want to make, ZipList can add the needed ingredients onto your shopping list! I love that! What’s better is that there are mobile applications available so that you can access your shopping list right from your smartphone.

Let me show you how this works!

Okay, first, here’s a screen shot of my homepage:


Notice the arrow pointing at the Recipe Box? If you hover over it at the top of my page, you will see the drop down menu.

Once you start saving recipes, you can access your Recipe Box from the main navigation menu on my site. Once in your recipe box, there are a few other features you can use; you can add recipes to your lists, which will then generate a grocery shopping list for you based on the ingredients in the recipe. You can then access this grocery list by clicking Shopping List from the navigation menu (see below). You can also use the recipe box to plan your meals!

Cool, right?

Let’s see now what happens when you Save a Recipe;


Now here’s how the “Save Recipe” feature works.

When you click on “Save Recipe” you will see a window pop-up:


Once you create your account and log in, you will be taken to your Recipe Box and Shopping List. At this point you will be able to save my recipe to your Recipe Box and Shopping List. Here’s how that will look in the end:


If you look to the left, you can see my saved recipes and right next to them are the listed ingredients I will need for those recipes. Awesome, right? I love it! I use this feature all the time. I am the lady in the grocery store that knocks things off the shelves with her grocery cart because my nose is glued to my smartphone…

Lastly, in your recipe box you will see a tab named Grocery Deals. While you are generating your shopping list, you can pull up items that are on sale at your local stores. That is way cool! Right?

I hope you have enjoyed my little demonstration, and I hope that you will also enjoy using all these wonderful ZipList features on Diethood.

See you tomorrow!



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  1. mjskit

    Very cool! I’ve never heard of Ziplist. I’ll have to look into it. I’ve started keeping my recipes in Pinterest, but I still have some bookmarked and some place else, but I can’t remember where. 🙂 Thanks for thinking of us! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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