Nutella Pop Tarts

Nutella Pop Tarts | | #recipe #poptarts #nutella #breakfast

Well. I finally had a chance today to open up my site and see if anyone liked my easy-peasy pop tarts. Imagine the look on my face when I saw that not one person had even clicked on today’s post. It’s been “Live” for 12 hours!! Um…so I thought… The first words that came out…

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Wicked (Frozen) Witch of The West


“Just try and stay out of my way. Just try! I’ll get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too!” I could not get that line out of my head as I was making these ice cream cones with my 3-year old, Ana. And let me tell you about making sugary treats with a 3-year…

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Dutch Baby Pancake with Fried Apples


Eons ago I had mentioned on this blog that I loved breakfast food. I can have breakfast any time of the day. As a matter of fact, I do. My bedtime snack is a bowl of cereal. Minus the milk. Sundays are my favorite days for breakfast because everyone is home, I can get up…

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Mojito Doughnuts


Or Donuts? Let’s debate! Just kidding. But, I have a question. Ever run to the kitchen so enthusiastically to make something and then you end up forgetting an ingredient, or a step … or three?!  I’m not gonna say who or what, but don’t forget the baking powder, and grease your baking pans, people! Or…

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