Skillet Apple Berry Pie


Couple of weeks ago when the temperature dropped from 88 to 46 over night (what the?!) an order was placed for Apple Pie. More like demanded. I demanded that my hands get to makin’ some pie crusts because pie season is back! So is wearing an oversized sweatshirt, preferably my husband’s, socks, and tall coffee…

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Raspberry & Lime Soda Lemonade


I don’t want Summer to go!! I often think about moving to a seriously warm place. Summer from January to December. Sun and beach all the time. Then I begin to think about Santa Claus in shorts and the whole idea is shot. Yes, Santa in a suit with red shorts – Sydney, Australia, circa…

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Mojito Doughnuts


Or Donuts? Let’s debate! Just kidding. But, I have a question. Ever run to the kitchen so enthusiastically to make something and then you end up forgetting an ingredient, or a step … or three?!  I’m not gonna say who or what, but don’t forget the baking powder, and grease your baking pans, people! Or…

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