Nutella Crepe Cake

You know those things that are soooo good because they are soooo bad? Yep. This Nutella Crepe Cake is one of those things. It’s ammmmazing. It’s everything that you know it should be and then some.

So, sit back, click here, and try to taste the words that are on your screen: Nutella. Crepe. Cake. ‘Nuff said.

nutella crepes

P.S. As of today, I am a “Recipe Contributor” at – yaaaay! :-)

P.S.S. I will be posting a full recipe at Foodbeast once a week – the rest of my time will be spent here at Diethood, of course.


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    Oh my…two of my favorite things- crepes and nutella!! And the whole cake thing doesn’t hurt either! This looks fabulous!

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    Foodbeast? Whatever next. Will need to check this one out! In any case, this crepe cake is just simply beastly! What can I say? Oh, I see already you are decked with awards so deservingly, but in case there’s the odd one missing (although I doubt it) just passing more your way… Well done for all your fab work, Kate, and congrats too on Top 9. Cheers, my friend! xxoo

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    Congratulations on your weekly writings on FoodBeast. =) Wow! That’s an impressive multi-layer crepe cake with the sweet nutella filling. A beautiful and tasty treat for sure!

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    I saw the photo for this on your facebook page yesterday and was looking forward to seeing the recipe! It sounds absolutely amazing :)!

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    OMG .. i am jaw dropped right now .. i LOVE LOVE Nutella and I know that you make a zillion thing taste triple the better when you add nutella .. but this one is super gorgeous.. LOVE the click .!!

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    Congrats on being a contributor to Foodbeast. If this cake is any indication, I think you’ll be just as popular there as you are here. This looks truly divine! wow!

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    Your crepe cake looks divine with all of those crepey layers with Nutella and chocolate goodness. What an honor to be a Foodbeast contributor.!
    Way to go!

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    Congrats on becoming a Foodbeast Contributor…that is awesome!
    On to this cake. OMG!!!! This looks to die for. And because it is with crepes and they are skinny the calories don’t count right?


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