Cherry Bundt Cake for #Bundtamonth

Cherry Bundt Cake | | A rich, super moist bundt cake made with maraschino cherries and yogurt, and finished off with a dust of powdered sugar | #recipe #cake #cherries #bundtcake #bundtamonth

Yum! This is the kind of cake you eat when it’s technically Summer. Key word: technically. But since it won’t stop snowing, and the thermometer won’t move past 35 F, we decided that a Cherry Bundt Cake should definitely be this month’s #Bundtamonth theme. Well, technically, it wasn’t me that decided. It was our beautiful #Bundtamonth hostesses with…

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Coconut Lime Cake #BundtAMonth

Coconut Lime Cake | | This Coconut Bundt Cake has a wonderful, sweet, rich coconut flavor that is complemented by a light hint of lime | #recipe #bundtamonth #cake #coconut #dessert

Yum! I always welcome the opportunity to make a Bundt cake. Better yet, a tropical Bundt cake. Especially when there is 2 feet of snow on the ground and the temperature won’t move past 30-degrees F. This Coconut Lime Cake required Beach Boys blasting in the background, and me singing on top of my lungs and…

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Orange and Olive Oil Bundt Cake #BundtAMonth

Orange and Olive Oil Cake | | #bundtamonth #bundtcake #dessert #cake #recipe @diethood

Yum! Let’s talk cakes. I feel as though cakes really have a mind of their own. A stubborn mind. And, if it had a real face, there would be a constant smirk on it. I think that if a cake could talk it would tell you to go away and leave her alone. She would…

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Vanilla Bourbon Bundt Cake #BundtaMonth

Vanilla & Bourbon Bundt Cake @diethood #Bundtamonth #cake #bundt #dessert #bourbon | Diethood |

Yum! Boozy cakes. Ahhh. Be still my heart. I love boozy desserts. I enjoy the flavor that it adds to baked goods, as well as the hint of aroma that lingers while it’s baking. What I don’t like is that I haven’t had alcohol in over a year; pregnancy and breastfeeding. I always thought that…

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#BundtaMonth: Caramel Apple Spice Cake

Caramel Apple Spice Bundt Cake from Diethood

Yum! It’s #Bundtamonth time! Were you on the edge of your seat waiting for it? I was! I am enjoying every bit of this challenge. I bake a bundt at least once every two weeks as it is, thus this event makes it that much better because I get to share some of those recipes…

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